A new kind of riot in the making

We have been familiar with riots of farmers who dispute Cauvery water being offered to Tamil Nadu or TN farmers staging protests of how Karnataka is not giving them water.

There is a different kind of riot now in the making over the next ten years. Scientists have clear measures on how wind and pollutants begin to affect rainfall in different regions. Wind plays a crucial role in the whole process. What this means is that if the concentration of pollutants is high with aerosols, wind shear, and humidity in, say, Chennai, it can begin to affect quality of life in Bangalore, or the other way around.

In ten years from now you will have protests from either of the cities on how pollutants from one of them is beginning to affect air quality in the other. That will lead to protest of another kind.

How pollutants affect the local climate and precipitation, how it can deny rainfall for one area because of abuse in another are scenarios that will begin to hurt urban settlements and cities into the future.

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