Monsoon rains set to change pattern

In 2010, the monsoon rainfall was 29 per cent below average. Rainfall is predicted to fall in shorter, more intense bursts, over several regions in the years ahead. This will mean more powerful surface runoff and greater soil erosion. Farmers have to deal with more barren lands.

About 5.5 billion tons of soils are eroded each year. This figure only will increase.

As more of India’s arable lands degrade and turn into desert, food security will be threatened. Competition for dwindling resources will increase thus sowing seeds of conflict.

It is still not too late. The damage is still not irreversible. Land degradation can be controlled. Desertification starts usually with the spot where land abuse has become excessive. From that spot which might even be in a cultivated field, it spreads if the abuse continues.

(Pic source: internet)

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