Will India move toward corporate farming?

Over this decade and the next, is there a good possibility of small farmland holders giving way to larger corporate and industrial farms? This is a question that India has to seriously look at soon enough for the strengths of such industrial farming ensure that many risks of livestock and diseases are contained far better with such large farmlands, says another report.

Small farmers in the world account for nearly 450 million people. India alone has about 80 million smallholder farmers. Wherever you have smallholder farms, there is a huge amount of germs that circulate among thriving livestock and human populations, especially near cities. Small-scale farmers need to be told to cut risks, for example, through cleaner farms and careful handling of animal carcass.

As rural populations in India and elsewhere expand, grow richer and eat more protein, backyards where a few chicken or pigs once scratched have become densely packed small holdings of several dozen animals. These bring owners more wealth, but also hygiene and veterinary problems.

(Pic source: getnews.co.za)

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  1. Sanjay ramanujam says:

    Innovative use of technology could be used to reach out to small holder farmers. Cooperative models with involvement of knowledge-workers can also address this issue without involving corporates run by families.

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