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Global warming claims New Moore island

The Sunderbans, at the mouth of river Ganges s...

This satellite image shows the forest in the protected area. The Sundarbans appears deep green, surrounded to the north by a landscape of agricultural lands, which appear lighter green, towns, which appear tan, and streams, which are blue. Ponds for shrimp aquaculture, especially in Bangladesh, sit right at the edge of the protected area, a potential problem for the water quality and biodiversity of the area. The forest may also be under stress from environmental disturbance occurring thousands of kilometers away, such as deforestation in the Himalaya Mountains far to the north. (Image via Wikipedia)

In the last year or so, climate change and consequent sea level rise on the Sundarbans has resulted in the disappearance of New Moore or Purbasha Island. It is a tiny uninhabited island in the Bay of Bengal. The island is known as South Talpatti in Bangladesh.

Both India and Bangladesh claimed it was theirs after an American satellite discovered the island in 1974. After studying satellite images recently we could confirm that New Moore Island has been washed away and rising sea level seems to be the predominant cause. Continue reading

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