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How companies can become energy-efficient

English: Plymouth : Plymouth Water Treatment P...

Plymouth Water Treatment Plant. A view which greets people as they enter the city.

At the wind- and methane-powered Belgium Brewery in Colorado, the water used to process beer is run through ponds where bacteria eat the organic waste, reducing strain on the city’s water treatment plant. Continue reading

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One reason to love nature

View of western ghats section in Karnataka.

View of Western Ghats section in Karnataka, India.

It’s one of the best carbon sinks we have. Forests in the US, Europe, and Russia socked away more than 700 million tons of carbon a year during the 1980s and 1990s. Continue reading

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Don’t pay a sin tax

English: Clean Energy Bike Français : Vélo Cle...

Have you heard of carbon credits? People call it a sin tax. You pay extra money and keep driving your SUV. That is not on. It abuses the global ecosystem. Continue reading

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What media says about ZED way of living…

Patterns of Light


From outside, the Biodiversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL) office in the plush Sadashiva Nagar in Bangalore looks like any other building. But once you step inside, you realise that it is pleasantly different. A part of the premises is lit up and powered by wind energy, while a large number of flowerpots and a staircase, work as makeshift air-conditioners. And a machine that resembles a water dispenser converts moisture in the air into clean drinking water…

Click here to read the rest of the story.




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Your laptop is a major energy guzzler

MSI laptop computer

Your laptop is about five times more energy-expensive to make than a car or a fridge! Continue reading

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Grapes warn you of global warming

English: Wine grapes. Español: Uvas de vino ro...

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It takes one million grapes to make just about 1,600 bottles of wine. Grapes are sensitive little temperature gauges. They grow within a narrow band of temperatures and have very specific tastes in soil, sunlight and water. Rising temperatures are already changing wines, pushing harvest seasons earlier, raising alcohol levels, and fueling a decade of world-class vintages. By 2100, nearly all of California’s wine regions will become unusable.


No cold storage facility; potato farmers in a fix

Bamberg potatoes

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Potato farmers across many districts don’t get a decent price because they cannot store their produce. The harvest last year was two million tons and cold storages could accommodate only one-half of the produce. Continue reading

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Slow poisoning of soils

It’s a strange world that still seems to require scientific evidence to show that synthetic fertilizers slowly poison the soil’s health though they may increase farm productivity in the short term.

One large study done by the Indore Agriculture College in 504 villages found 70 per cent soil samples deficient in sulphur and 50 per cent deficient in zinc after use of synthetic fertilizers. Continue reading

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