Talk to your kids about global warming

Global Warming 2/2

They are the future. The problem is kids learn from your behavior including when and how much to freak out. If you are constantly fretting over global warming, how can you keep them positive about their future?

Provide your child with information. With so many newspapers speaking alarmingly about climate change, and yet others not agreeing with it all, it is important for you to discuss how multiple views can coexist.

Highlight to your kids all that they do not have to worry about. Donating time, effort and ideas will give your children a sense of control. Remember you are preparing your kids for a lifetime of approaching problems constructively.

In the US alone, 25 billion polystyrene cups are thrown away by Americans each year. How do you avoid using these? Sure, it keeps your coffee hot, but 1000 years after your last gulp, your empty cup will still be around.

You are dealing primarily most often with strangers. So, how do you tell them of what they need to be doing to go eco-friendly? Of course, 99.9 per cent of the people you meet are interesting, responsible, environmentally concerned like yourself. If you think you may be dealing with the other 0.1 per cent, just politely decline.

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