Power & water crisis-I: Get your home in order, will you?

Wind turbines (Vendsyssel, Denmark, 2004)

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This is a four-part series titled ‘Get your home in order, will you?’ If we stopped fretting over what the government has not done on energy and water, and sort some things at home, more than half the solution will spring before us.

Part 1

The power scene at home

Have you looked at your energy bill recently? What is the amount you pay every month for power? For water? Have you asked yourself what the break up of power used in your house is? Do you realize how much of the power bill is coming out of use of your geysers? How much is consumed by fans, your lighting, your TV set, the grinder and mixer in the kitchen, or worse that electric oven that your mother gifted you on your last birthday? How much of the power is used in your kitchen by the refrigerator, the heating plate, and such other appliances that didn’t even exist 30 years ago?

Well, your water bill is so small every month that you don’t even think about it? How much do we use as water in the shower, at the washbasin when we brush our teeth or wash our face, how much do we drain down flush tanks, or use while washing vegetables and meat, for cooking, for swabbing, for your garden, for your carwash?

If you paused and reflected on what this means to the government, it would be a sobering experience.

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