Power & water crisis-II: Get your home in order, will you?

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Pause and think for a while

Most of us can say, “How can what I use at my house make such a big difference to the government or whoever supplies me power and water?” Another legitimate response could be, “I pay my taxes anyway – income tax, property tax, development cess, and other such levies. I should be entitled to these things from the government.”

Look at it another way. If you stop using the two geysers in your house, you will help drop the demand load by 4 KW. If Bangalore’s 500,000 houses did the same, there’d be a drop in demand load of as much as 2000,000 kilowatts, or 2000 MW. To give you a perspective, the city today enjoys [or suffers?] a total demand load for power of under 10,000 MW. The daily power cuts that you endure now would be almost gone, by this one act alone – no geysers, no power cuts. And if you can’t get yourself to make that effort of scrapping the geyser, at least ensure that you put it on only in the non-peak load hours? When the pressure on the system is not so high?

Every state of India and the country as a whole is reeling under power shortage. We have a massive 50 per cent chasm between supply and demand. We have no way of creating more power-generating stations, without putting at peril our rivers, mountains and forests. We know the dangers of creating nuclear power stations. We are today dependent up to 80 per cent on our coal-fired thermal stations like the one at Raichur, Neyveli or Ramagundam. The future clearly shows that we cannot generate as much power as we managed to do in the past 50 years.

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