We’d be better off not planting trees-II: There’s more to it…

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I took a factor of 2.5 to cover centralized air-conditioning, the pumps, and the array of cooking and other appliances that help a 5-star hotel serve its customers. That totted up to about 4.5 million units a year. Not much as money goes… about Rs 30 lacs a month, or Rs 3.6 crore a year. I may be wrong on my hazard of these estimates, for I have gone on a certain premise of use of power in the hotel without having had the opportunity to do what one calls a ‘load analysis’.

Well, essentially the drift of my argument is this: a very simple initiative from the purchase department of any such hotel would lead to a drop in energy used per day by a staggering 70 per cent for lighting alone, and about 40-50 per cent on air-conditioning and other high-induction based appliances.

I asked myself, “Why would someone not want to save as much as 100,000 to 150,000 units of energy or Rs. 10-15 lakh every month? A simple set of value engineering measures that do away with halogens and incandescent bulbs can ensure they move to new-generation energy-efficient CFLs and LEDs that offer the same quality of customer experience as they have had so far. Why would they not think of this as a green initiative? Instead, why would they waste time on planting trees on an Environment Day as a ceremonial affair?”

The numbers add up well, as any commercial manager would assure you. If the saving in financial terms for the hotel would be as strong, then why would the hotel not do it?

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