“Honey, where are the bees?”

Honey Bee HiveAn experiment in Kerala found electromagnetic waves from mobile phone towers and mobile phones could be responsible for the disappearing honeybees in India. The radiation messes with the bee’s own magnetic radar and confuses it such that it cannot fly back to its hive. When a cell phone was kept near the beehive,the colony collapsed within 10 days! Bee colonies naturally lose 5% of their population annually,but since 2006 they have been losing 30 to 90% of their population per year!

A third of the food we eat solely depends on honeybees for pollination;the insect contributes about US$38 billion to the global economy. Agricultural economies like ours are at high risk from the bee decline. Of the 160 million hectares cropped area in India,some 55 million ha depends on honeybees for pollination.

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