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Save Water!!!

1In Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, a leaky tap is reflective of a leaky wallet. You turn off the tap, but water continues to drip. You work too many hours to call a plumber. We understand. We also want to help you save water (therefore money) and restore your home’s balance.

The fix is actually quite simple. All it takes is a spanner, a new rubber washer, and 5 minutes. Turn off the main water supply, unscrew the tap or section of the pipe, replace the washer and you should be leak free!

Small fixes like these save you money, save scarce resources, and help you feel connected to your home.

At ZED Habitats, our goal is to be completely independent of city water supply. So we harvest and purify rainwater to fulfill grey water needs of the community – for the bathrooms, kitchen, and gardens. Each home saves 105,000 litres of water every year. It’s as if nature intended us to live this way!


Another victory under the belt for ZED!

Another victory under the belt for ZED! We have collaborated with the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) to complete 2000 registered projects in the last 11 years. This accounts for a green footprint of 1.39 billion sq.ft.  Check out the full list here, and see if your home or office building is IGBC certified. http://www.igbc.in/site/igbc/certifiedgreenhomes.jsp
The IGBC is now ready to launch the Existing Building Rating system (EB). This is an ongoing effort to ensure that certified buildings continue to sustain their excellence and enable other buildings to explore opportunities to become more ecofriendly. The battle for sustainability continues, and we’re honoured to be part of it. Thanks for your support, Zedders!
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