VEG or NON Veg…….


65 billion land animals are reared for food every year to feed 6.5 billion of us. We breed them for meats. They take up food, land, water, energy, and pollute the environment.

They feed on 80 per cent of all corn and 40 per cent of the world’s food grains—only to be slaughtered. As human numbers rise, we need to reduce livestock to avoid large-scale hunger. That’ll be a reality 50 years from now.

Meat is energy-intensive. With the energy needed to produce a single hamburger, you could drive a small car 20 miles. Adopting a plant-based diet actually does more to reduce emissions than driving a hybrid car!

Meat requires more land, water, fertilizer, pesticides, refrigeration, transport and energy than would be used if we simply ate plant foods directly! It needs 20 times more land to feed a non-vegetarian compared to a vegetarian.

Think about it. It ain’t so difficult to go without meats.

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