BCIL ZED Group has launched its first retail store ‘ZED ForestFree.’

ZED-launches-ZE_01_1473195eZED FORESTFREE

Bangalore-based BCIL ZED Group has launched its first retail store ‘ZED ForestFree.’ The concessionaire model hosts three global brands and an offering of ZED home appliances.

Says Dinesh C.S., Executive Director, ZED ForestFree, “Among the three concessionaires is the globally known air-conditioner manufacturer GREE; Quetzel, the 30-year-old designer firm offering furniture that is honed out of non-forest timber; and AQA, leaders in high-fidelity sound systems and home theatres.”

“ForestFree is a chain of stores infused with an urban vibe that sets it apart,” says Chandrashekar Hariharan, founder of the Zed Group. “We don’t expect to create too many more. But each will be unique in the buying experience it offers,” he added.

The store offers products from across the world and India’s own home-grown offerings. “To us at ZED,” says Dinesh, “value engineering zero-energy elements into every aspect of design is a default setting. We reduce the carbon monoxide footprint every step of the way.”

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