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BCIL’s media campaign well on way

AWARD HOARDING CURVED-01It has been a quiet start, nothing avert and brash. There is dignity in the messages that the hoardings have carried. There are a dozen hoardings in the city today, all of them beyond the noise and decibel of the standard sets of ads that the builder tribe usually puts up.

BCIL continues to bet on the goodness and the good sensibility of people out there in the market. We believe that there are enough people who care and who want to buy responsibly. Like an ad that I recently saw of another company, they don’t just want to feel good about buying but also want to feel good about having done some good to the community, to the city, and the planet at large.

The media campaign has taken more avenues with clearly only one direction: secure discerning brand visibility, get people to know about us.

Believing is important. But seen to be believing is equally important in a world that has such short attention spans that recall has to be nudged often in the public space.

Amir Roy, cmo, has spent enough time to understand what he needs to put out on the website. His biggest challenge was that there was so much to be said, so much as material that already exists. The messages had to convey the deep conviction and the sense of extraordinary concern on sustainability that our writings have carried. Yet it had to be relating to the customer in terms of what the benefits would be.

Dear reader, you are one of those who have related powerfully to these values that BCIL talks about as a thought leader. You have respected us as a thought leader but have often wondered why we have not secured greater commercial success than we have so far. The national chairman of the IGBC had this to say at a meeting recently, “the extraordinary talent and services and products that you have should be reaching at least 100,000 more people than you are actually now reaching.”

A ZED resident and senior director at a big firm told us recently, “The values and extraordinary capability that resides within BCIL’s top-end professionals should put the company in the top bracket very soon. You only have to get your act on execution together.”

We have missed many things. We have dropped many balls. We have not delivered to many customers. We continue to be transactional when we ought to be relational, but we are aware of it and we are working on it.

We will make a difference in the way that the website will communicate; in the way that we will communicate to our customers; in the way that we will communicate within BCIL among every soldier who is working toward fulfilling our objectives.

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