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We’d be better off not planting trees-II: There’s more to it…

English: The Woodside Hotel and the big tree

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I took a factor of 2.5 to cover centralized air-conditioning, the pumps, and the array of cooking and other appliances that help a 5-star hotel serve its customers. That totted up to about 4.5 million units a year. Not much as money goes… about Rs 30 lacs a month, or Rs 3.6 crore a year. I may be wrong on my hazard of these estimates, for I have gone on a certain premise of use of power in the hotel without having had the opportunity to do what one calls a ‘load analysis’. Continue reading

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Save energy by law, lose carbon credit

Energy saving light bulbs for sale.

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There is an absurd irony to how subsidies and carbon credits work.

A piquant situation is now arising in the case of CFLs which enjoy a carbon emission reduction credit of as much as about Rs 100 per lamp with a mapping of energy saving over 7 years. Companies have been able to sell these lamps at Rs. 15 with the rest of the money being acquired as CER credit for the energy saving achieved over a cycle of 7 years. Continue reading

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