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The Why of ZED

Why ZEDTo most organizations the What and the How are important. But often lost in the anxiety for growth is the Why that fuels the energy within. At BCIL the constant reminder of the vision has nurtured a deep and abiding passion and commitment that is extraordinary. The Why of Zed is a column that will feature every edition with one Zedder’s reflections. For the first of this series, we invited Sashi kiran, Technical Officer, who presides over commercial and technical aspects of the ZED products. Sashi is an engineer with a Masters degree from the University of Tennessee in the U.S. He spent about a year and a half working there before returning to India to apply for a Doctoral in the area of Nano Electronics at the Indian Institute of Science. He chose after a short stint to step out of the Doctoral program and joined BCIL. Excerpts from a conversation with him:

 “As a company we have tried to provide sustainable solutions with a wide range of product offerings – from homes to off-the-shelf buys. We have also tried to educate people on the need to think in this direction and show them that today a lot is available that can help us live a sustainable lifestyle. We have tried to show them (with some success) that the concepts/ideas that we share are relatively easy to achieve without going out of our way with respect to a major change in lifestyles. 

“There is a need to prove our purpose. We need to change many things if we have to fulfill our purpose. The lack of quality in execution. When people look at a badly done job, it hurts. Every other builder sells a piece of slab calling it a home. The attention to detail is what we are known to be different about. Inside homes, when I see the edge of walls rounded off, it makes me happy because that is a detail which will avoid chipping of the wall edges, at the same time wont injure kids or the elderly.  

“Folks within say there is a big disconnect between the drawings that go out from here and the execution that gets done. Just because the client has asked for it, 15 amp plugs are given, when the wiring is designed to only stand 6-10A. Any overload can cause burning of wires.

“We have an excellent set of products that do what they claim. But we do not have the right set of sales or marketing skills.

BCIL can go big time with ZED products, but we need to build a backbone for it. We need people with finesse in installing, not just brute force labor. We need people who pay attention to detail. 

We have set ourselves certain standards, way above the rest of the world. But most executing people within the company are either not aware of those standards or they don’t care about them. Either way we lose … on reputation, on customer belief.

We need to look at Quality—what the client sees, as well as things not visible to them. The ZED edge on technology and products must combine with the way we build. That is a winning combination. It is not product delivery. It is how our people deliver. 

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