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Ivory prices hit the sky, push poaching up

In just the last eight years the price of illegal ivory has increased 15 fold from US $100 a kg to $1500 a kg.

In 1999 Japan was the only legal buyer of ivory. In 2008 it was joined by China. The three biggest illegal ivory markets are in China, Japan, and Thailand. Continue reading

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African elephant: what a beast!

The African Elephant is the largest living terrestrial animal, normally reaching 20-24 feet in length and 11.5 to 13 feet in height at the head. An adult weighs between 6-9 tonnes.

The elephant normally moves at a rate of 6 km/h), but it can reach a top speed of 40 km/h when scared or upset. Continue reading

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Jumbo deaths in Tanzania: is poaching metric accurate?

The poaching metric in places like Tanzania, as in most parts of Africa, is window-dressed. To claim that their elephant population is in good health it’s calculated at the ratio of carcass to live elephants. Tanzania claims it has a poaching metric of just two per cent. Continue reading

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