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ZED takes to the radio

Zed RadioIt was on an invite from FM Rainbow. It was a primetime hour. It was a chat show for one hour. The series was called the Citizen Chat and was featuring leaders in the city who were doing their bit to push the frontier of thought and action in areas of their domain expertise.

When Hariharan was invited for the show, he sat together with the anchor of the Sanjay Das and constructed the chat. The feedback was discerning, though very minimal. A show of this kind is lost in the decibel and the cacophony around us of many media options that viewers and listeners have.

BCIL is now set out to have a series of such a radio chats. There is more to come. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, you may want to listen to this chat, which is an edited version of what was carried on the radio on Feb 15, 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_hiCOpoGrM

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