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Carbon credits hit rock bottom in global market

There has been so much buzz about the carbon emissions and global warming among the commoners but have you ever wondered what’s happening on the business front in this aspect?

The CER, or carbon credit, which is a permit representing the right to emit a ton of carbon dioxide or a greenhouse gas, is continuing to slide in the global markets and the first commitment period for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM, under which carbon trading is permitted) is coming to an end this year, leaving the companies and investors with carbon credits worried.

Carbon offset credits have fallen to a new all-time low amid oversupply and signs of a possible ban on some credits in the European Union system. There has been a major blow to the carbon credits in market post the Durban talks (UN Climate Change Conference, December 2011) as Europe, one of the major buyers, put a brake on purchase of green credits, citing recession and a financial crisis.

Although there have been millions of talks and awareness campaigns about global warming, the most important job of executing with vigorous compulsion and innovation still remains a serious challenge.

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We’d be better off not planting trees-III: The reasons for resistance

English: An emerging Tamarind tree seedling. T...

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I think it is a combination of resistance from managers and a lack of certainty on what it can mean if a manager lower down the hierarchy took that decision to make the change at one hotel, when the company’s HQ is based elsewhere in India or the world. Now who would want to incur the wrath of senior management at the corporate headquarters with a decision taken locally? Continue reading

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Talk to your kids about global warming

Global Warming 2/2

They are the future. The problem is kids learn from your behavior including when and how much to freak out. If you are constantly fretting over global warming, how can you keep them positive about their future? Continue reading

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Listen to the land breathing…

Try this sometime. Find a starry night, go outdoors, lie down with your ear to the ground on a quite piece of land, and listen to the soil respiring, beyond the sound of your own breathing.

The soil-to-air cycle of carbon dioxide or soil respiration is a major source of CO2 emission. Continue reading

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