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ZED Walden makes headway

ZEDWaldenThe enthusiasm is infectious. The team of Shashi Kartik, Shobha Devi, Thampi Sabari, and Harikrishna is forging the program of ZED Walden quietly but with steady firming up of the plans.

Sridhar has been motivating force with his inspiring network connection. An Ashoka fellow Shubhendu has pitched in with some hard inputs on how they can create a Walden in Bangalore that will relive the timeless idyll that Henry David Thoreau portrayed captured in Of Walden Pond in the 1860s.

The emotion is powerful. The aspiration of every urban citizen to create an oasis of quiet, of piece, and of eco-balance is as old as time. But there is not enough of such coordinated energies to make the ideal reality in a world that is moving at speeds that make things a blur,” says Thampi Sabari, a senior IT professional and Zed resident. “To me it’s been a ride of huge learning. I am waiting to sink my teeth into the deeper challenge of taking such an ideal of sustainability and making it work within the grid of process and systems.”

Dr. Shashi Kartik who earned her thesis on watershed management from the Punjab University many years ago, and Shobha Devi, Head of Landscaping at BCIL, as a team steer execution at ZedWalden.

Watch this space for more on the Walden program in the next edition, for the team is still evolving the plan. 

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ZED WALDEN offers Haven for Weekend Farmers

city garden.1We call it ZED-Walden, after Henry David Thoreau’s immortal and idyllic Walden Pond.

It is spread over 4 acres, on the edge of a 500-year-old lake off Doddaballapur Road. It lies 30 minutes to the north of the city’s heart in Bangalore.

The lake is under threat of dying. ZED Walden is essentially an agro-ecology restoration project. BCIL Alt. Tech Foundation (BATF) will introduce global best practices to reintegrate natural systems into farming in order to maximize sustainability, ecosystem services and biodiversity of seeds and crops.

Says Ms Kartikeyan, “Degraded farms, especially on the fringe of the Bangalore plateau, cannot be restored to a purely natural state because of too many years of use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.” ZED Walden is about crafting eco-sensitive methods of intercropping that are ecologically sustainable while being economically viable. The crops that will be grown range from millets and pulses to flowers and other crops that are grown in the micro region of Doddaballapur and Chickaballapur.

“ZED Walden should inspire farmers to take to these farming techniques that we will demonstrate powerfully,” adds Ms Kartikeyan.

Look out for more in this space in future editions.

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