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CII initiative to help renewable energy producers find consumers

CII initiative to help renewable energy producers find consumersAn initiative of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre to serve as a forum connecting renewable energy producers and large power consumers has been rolled out across the country in view of the good response to the pilot project launched a year ago in Bangalore.

The decision to expand the activities of the Green Power Market Development Group of the centre is significant, both from a perspective of pushing for more use of renewable energy as well as emerging as a voice echoing issues of concern to both the customers and producers.

One of the tasks before the group, by showcasing the benefits of its efforts in rest of the country, is to impress upon the Tamil Nadu government the importance of encouraging third party sale of power by abolishing cross subsidy and transmission charges. Moreover, with the integration of the southern power grid to the national grid such measures would go a long way.

Noting that sale of power to third party was permitted across the country, except by Tamil Nadu, Chairman, Renewable Energy Council, CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Ramesh Kymal said renewable energy producers should be offered the benefit of open access as prevalent in other States.

Following the launch in Bangalore, the initiative facilitated renewable power agreements for around 100 MW between producers and several companies, including ACC, Coca Cola, and Infosys. With the programme extended across the country two weeks ago, the Green Business Centre was looking at a target of 500 MW.

Moving forward, the centre would like to offer a range of services, including templates of power purchase agreement, something that many consumers in Karnataka suggested, Mr.Kymal said in an interaction here on Thursday. CII’s Indian Green Building Council Executive Director S. Raghupathy added economies of scale were good when buyers approach the producers as a group.

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