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Door to door awareness

(Image courtesy :Wikipedia)

(Image courtesy :Wikipedia)

‘I only ask to be free, the butterflies are free’, this quote by Charles Dickens makes us wonder if we have curtailed the freedom of these beautiful insects. The butterflies, which are necessary for pollination, are dwindling in number in the city and one of the reasons for this is the microwaves and radio waves from our cell phones.

If butterflies go extinct in a few decades, plants may disappear in a century. In order to save the butterflies and bring them back to the city, the impassioned students of Delhi Public School, are campaigning from house to house spreading awareness by asking people to reduce their cell phone usage.Kudos to these little heroes!

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This Century waits for this big innovation

In the 1890s two major inventions came about, both of which we cannot do without every day. One is the telephone and the second is electricity. A hundred twenty years later we still continue to use these products. The phone changed to become wireless and the world has saved many million tons of copper that went into making millions of miles of telephone cables in the earlier days. Although, we continue to have landlines and optic fiber cabling, the quantum of such cabling has come down very dramatically. Can the same happen for electricity where it goes wireless? The next big game changer in the world after wireless telephones, will be wireless power. Who will be that inventor who will make $1 billion on this invention?


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