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For gridless power at home or office.

Solar installation at a ZED home

Just the 5 star geysers refrigerators and AC’s in India are saving about 9000 MW of power generation every day. India produces 220,000 MW. Government has cleared 80,000 more MW. And they want to raise this to 700,000 MW. Where’s the coal? India is creating 3 nuclear plants when Germany and Japan have closed all their N plants after 20 years. Coal mines destroy lives, livelihoods, forests and rivers.

Actual end-use power used is a mere 30,000 MW, if local power from solar and wind is not fed to grid but used directly by homes, offices, factories, hotels and hospitals.

The power industry lobby fears loss of the massive business if local power is promoted. Governments don’t want to lose the opportunity big spending offers of making speed money.

A solar station costs no more than 4-10 lakhs at about 2 lakhs to a KW of quality generation. It saves money on Gen-sets and UPS. Diesel power costs Rs. 20 a unit. UPS cost over 2 years with battery replacement Rs. 14 a unit. Solar costs Rs. 13 a unit, with the catch that you’ve to invest, not the government. Your BESCOM tariff is 7 to 14 a unit depending on user category.

What would you want to do?

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Wind Energy

Can you imagine power coming into your city buildings from both wind and solar energy? Now you can, with the ZED-Winsol, which is a wind and solar hybrid system tied into external power grid. We augment the grid with a solar panel array of 2kW and wind mast of just a kW. The power inverter connected to all 3 sources, detects the source and optimizes the load coming in from solar or wind. Every time a power-intensive appliance like a refrigerator or a grinder is used, it’s tied into the grid. So the impact load is fed from the grid, saving over 70% grid power. The wind mast designed on a Helix platform, helps to pick both vertical and horizontal directional energy and is rated to work at as little as 2.5 meters a second.
The wind factor alternates with the solar power in most evenings generating power through the night and augmenting the grid when needed. In case the grid fails, the safety feature called ‘anti-islanding’ helps the power to stay and it is ‘piped’ into a battery system for storage. This only gets better with ZED using only two batteries instead of the 15 used by most systems. These batteries are 12 volts 150 amp and can be augmented with a separate battery bank to store more power. Want to know more? Email us at zed@zed.in


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