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Drop Dead, Mumbai!

Mumbai Dead Drop‘Drop Dead’, a foundation started by AabidSurti offers free plumbing services to residents of Mumbai, saves water one drop at a time.

AabidSurti who lives in Mira Road, a Mumbai suburb, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hindi Sahitya Sanstha of the Uttar Pradesh Government in 2007. He is a painter, cartoonist, author, playwright and water warrior.

In 2007, AabidSurti read an article that talked of how much water was lost for every drop wasted. “One drop wasted in every second implies a 1000 litres of water being wasted in 24 hours. That’s quite a count! I grew up in shanties in Mumbai when I came from Gujarat and I know the value of water. That led me to set up Drop Dead Foundation,” he says. The aim of the Foundation is to fix leaky taps and help save water. Every Sunday, Surti goes door to door doing just this.

Tejal Shah, the chief co-ordinator of the Foundation, joined Surti five years ago. She goes door-to-door to various apartment complexes to get permission to enter their premises come Sunday. Many apartments have already called them. “We don’t enter the premises without permission. We understand that people are hesitant to open their doors.” But getting prior permission doesn’t imply that everybody allows them to fix their leaky taps.

The most common problem is that the washer has gone bad. She says, “It costs me Rs.20-35 to just buy the spare part. The expensive component of the repair is the plumber’s labor cost and we provide that. But even then, we find people who don’t want to fix it.” Rather than get bogged down by such responses, they just go and save the next drop. Once they’re done with the apartment, they make arrangements for their next visit and also drop off a poster the following Monday.

Plumber Riyaz Ahmad checks the reason for the leak.

PlumberPlumber Riyaz Ahmed also joined Surti three years ago. He found the painter’s work and perspective of saving water drop by drop very interesting. So he offered his services for free. But over time, people have come forward to fund the foundation, so he takes away Rs. 500 every Sunday for his services. These funds come from philanthropists and people who see Surti at various conferences and want to support this simple but effective task.

Together, the trio manage to spread awareness on saving water. Once the leaky pipes are fixed, they stick a small poster right next to the wash basin.

Let’s save every drop!

Let's save every dropThe poster reads: ‘Save every drop or drop dead’, a message AabidSurti has carried on. After this poster is stuck, they take the name and address of the person whose pipe they have fixed. Till date, the trio has visited more than 6000 homes in Mira Road area. Surti says, “What I am doing is not unachievable. It is simple. You can take up this cause too.”

He has inspired a few people. They write to the painter, who promptly sends off his material–the poster–via mail. He says, “One only needs to be determined to continue this. You can join the team on any Sunday. Just call us at 09820184964 and save every drop or drop dead.”They are funded by various agencies and authority holders of housing societies. The only money required is for the spare parts and plumber’s fee. The plumber fee is very nominal–just Rs500 each Sunday, regardless of the number of the visits.

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Green Tech and Sustainable methods

11Your tap water is cleaner than you think

Cities waste water for luxury! Most institutions and households in the cities are supplied with soft water. They blindly install Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, which waste more water than they purify- almost in the ration of 60:40.

All housing and office buildings have single pipe connections,which supply drinking water even for flushing toilets. Not every one uses the modern commode which has dual mode of flushing. At one flush, more than 10 liters of precious drinking water is lost! At ZED we use Low-flow fixtures that curtail the net water demand by as much as 30,000 liters a year of fresh water saved. Grey and black water segregation at source and treatment is also done separately.

1Standby mode is like a leaky tap

2700 million units of electricity is lost annually through appliances in standby mode. Put off your TV sets,set-top boxes,and personal computers. Rural poor has very small standby consumption,followed by urban slums. Urban middle class has the highest standby consumption.

IMG_0319Recycling wasted electricity from lifts

Just like metals and plastics,energy can also be recycled. Elevators and escalators fitted with regenerative drive technology allow the recovery of the energy used to move them up and down. This energy is then converted for use elsewhere in the building;in elevators,as much as 50% of the total energy used can be recovered this way.

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