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Zed posts – The weekly environmental beat


• On BMW smart energy strategies

BMW recently convened a group of transportation, electric vehicle (EV) and energy thought leaders in Silicon Valley to participate in a dialogue with their senior executives about sustainability, energy and mobility services.

greenbiz.com: Christine Hertzog – how-bmw-driving-smart-energy-strategies

BMW’s guiding view is that sustainability along the entire value chain is inseparable from their corporate self-image. The company has been systematically reducing energy use in facilities through energy-efficient materials, products, and processes; and in vehicles through use of regenerative energy technologies.

1• On green burglary

Is it ok for an unauthorized person to pick up your recyclables? Do you give your recyclables to scavengers when they come begging, or do you put them off?

greencrusador.com: Author – what-is-green-burglary-what-can-we-do-about-it/

Residential neighborhoods have become targets for recyclables by “Green Burglars” when placed beside the house or at curb side. Once the recyclables are placed in a recycle container provided by a designated recycle collector, the contents becomes the property of the designated recycle collector.

zed 1• On Carbon Barometer

A quick look at the aims and benefits of the Bombay Stock Exchange Carbonex.

Times of India: Ahona Ghosh – bse-carbonex

The index is supported by the British high commission and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a UK-based non-profit organisation is the data partner for BSE. It includes all constituents of a BSE Benchmark Index, which is currently the BSE 100.

light• On Behavioural Science increasing Energy Efficiency

How consumer behaviour to different sales tactics can provide an insight on effective communication on the benefits of Energy Efficiency (EE) and raise awareness to attract more customers.

greenconduct.com: Sam Shrank – behavioral-science-can-increase-energy-efficiency-adoption/

For all the surveys demonstrating consumers’ stated interest in reducing energy consumption and spend, EE is rarely top of mind. Utilities struggle to get consumers to pay attention. If the customer won’t come to them, perhaps it is time for utilities to go to their customers. By combining EE measures with offerings that have higher intrinsic appeal and shifting marketing focus from saving energy to the benefits of the other measure, utilizing a concept known as goal substitution, utilities can attract more customers.

zed 2• On using algae for power and shade

Germany to use living algae for power and shade in a sustainable building, which would also feature the world’s first bio-reactor façade.

ecomagination.com: Ysabel Yates – zero-energy-building-uses-living-algae-for-power-and-shade

The bioreactor facade is made up of glass panels that act like giant Petri dishes to grow the algae. The algae can then power the building by both capturing solar thermal heat and creating biomass that is harvested for energy.

ZED Posts will be a weekly compilation of interesting news, reads and other serendipitous discoveries we made online. Have similar environmental stories to share? Email us at zed@zed.in, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  

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Nepal’s Pinthali village goes off-grid, now suffers

The meticulously planned off-grid systems of power generation in a village suddenly can suffer a major undoing of the gains if grid electricity is brought to the place.

Isolated off-grid systems usually fail when the government does not have a clear roadmap on what they want to do in the village as far as electrification goes in the long term. Their very small scale of generation makes it difficult for off-grid producers to partner with electricity user groups. Continue reading

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Engineers don’t think, do they?

Engineering solutions over the last half century and more have taken a very insensitive civil engineering approach to community toilets. The solutions often lie in understanding the social. Problem is never with technology. It is to do with how people manning processes understand community needs and sensitivities.

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