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We’d be better off not planting trees-III: The reasons for resistance

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I think it is a combination of resistance from managers and a lack of certainty on what it can mean if a manager lower down the hierarchy took that decision to make the change at one hotel, when the company’s HQ is based elsewhere in India or the world. Now who would want to incur the wrath of senior management at the corporate headquarters with a decision taken locally? Continue reading

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We’d be better off not planting trees… Part I

[Tree in a rural area] (LOC)

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In a three-part series titled ‘We’d be better off not planting trees’, Chandrashekar Hariharan helps readers understand that there is a vital connect between the physical planting of trees and a more subtle connect between energy-saving and how this signifies the protection of as many trees, in terms of easing the load on carbon absorption.

The writer is the Chairman of BCIL-ZED, the Bangalore-based global pioneer in green building.


It was ironic. It was a five-star hotel, one of the older ones in Bangalore. They had organized a green initiative this week; intending to do something toward making a better Bangalore on World Environment Day. Continue reading

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